Joy Susan wholesale vegan leather handbags and accessories

Joy Susan is a leading wholesaler of vegan leather handbags, jewelry and accessories.

We are a  family-run company that was founded in 1972. Today, consumers from mom and pop boutiques to multi-national stores are carrying the Joy Susan name brand. The development of new categories such as wholesale vegan leather handbags and styles of products continues to grow. We are constantly developing modern accessories that maintain high standards for material, durability, and workmanship.

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The broad selection of wholesale merchandise includes purses, totes, hats, clutches, jewelry, and scarves that comes in an assortment of colors, styles and textures. Joy Susan is the shopping destination for stores, where you’re guaranteed to find something that fits you and your business perfectly. For the best prices and the best selection of styles when it comes to wholesale jewelry and accessories, Joy Susan has the competition beat!