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Item#: 338/20N

28″+Brown Cord Feather Tassel Necklace

Item#: 338/19N

16+ Red String Beaded Necklace

Item#: 338/17N
More colors available $20.00

26+ Brushed Gold Fringe Pendant

Item#: 338/16N

24+ Four Star Drop Necklace

Item#: 338/15N

12+ Linear Chain Drop Choker Necklace

Item#: 338/14N

12+Drop Suede Chain Choker Necklace

Item#: 336/59NG

33″ Gold Quartz Stone Tassel Pendant

Item#: 336/60NG

28″ Gold Mixed Media Pendant

Item#: 336/58N
More colors available $19.00

30″ Natural Stone Pendant

Item#: 328/46
More colors available $20.00

15″ Mix Triple Small Cube Necklace

Item#: 328/43
More colors available $18.00

15″ Mix Double Star Necklace

Item#: 221/53N
More colors available $29.00

16+ Crystal Beaded Choker Necklace

Item#: 221/52N
More colors available $39.00

17+Crystal Bib Necklace

Item#: 221/51N
More colors available $21.00

18+ Drop Crystal Bead Necklace

Item#: 221/50B
More colors available $39.00

35″ Bead Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

Item#: 307/164N

19″ Gray Macrame Fringe Boho Necklace

Item#: 307/162N

34″” Gold Turquoise Orange White Beads Necklace

Item#: 307/163N

31″” Gold With Turquoise Ivory Geometric Necklace

Item#: 307/160N

33″” Navy Orange Gold Braid Necklace

Item#: 330/104N

16-24″ Row Gold with Puka Necklace

Item#: 330/103N

16-24″ 2 Row Gold with Turquoise Necklace

Item#: 330/102N

30″ Quartz Pendant on Cord Beaded Necklace

Item#: 336/20NGB

Gold Beaded Bar Black Tassel Necklace

Item#: 329/197N
More colors available $34.00

17.5″ Love Me Knot Necklace